09 sep 2016

10 sep 2016

De Faciale en Dentale Harmonie Volbrengen

van vrijdag 09 september tot zaterdag 10 september
THERME PALACE OSTENDE (bekijk de kaart)

Dr. Luis Carrière


Dr. Carrière behaalde zijn ¨dental degree¨ aan de ¨University of Complutense¨ te Madrid, in 1991. Toen vervolledigde hij zijn ortodontische training aan de Univesiteit van Barcelona en otving hi zijn ¨Master of Science in Orthodontics¨ in 1994.In 2006, ontving hij zijn ¨doctorate in Orthodontics, Cum Laude¨, op de Universiteit van Barcelona.

Dr.Carrière was de winner van de ¨Joseph E.Johnson Award¨en de¨International Design Award Delta Gold ADI FAD 2009¨ voor de ¨Carriere Distalizer MB¨. Dr.Carrière is tevens lid van van de ¨Editorial Review Board for the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics¨.

Als een over de wereld uitgenodigde professor Dr.Carrière doet zijn voordrachten indien hij niet bezich is met zijn patienten in zijn private praktijk in Barcelona.


  Course Objectives

  • Learn a new paradigm in Class II and Class III treatment.

  • Learn to reduce treatment time with a 3-step protocol that will offer long term and stable results without compromising quality.

  • Learn how to "Jump Start" treatment with a Class I Platform that achieves complete facial, skeletal, and dental harmony. 

  • Learn more about Facially Driven Orthodontics. 

  • Learn how to go from a predictable start to an extraordinary finish.

  • Learn how to use fillers and neuromodulators (BOTOX ®) to achieve ultimate aesthetic results for your adult patient.

  • Learn how to simplify and optimize the orthodontic procedure and at the same time reduce the treatment timing.

  • Learn soft tissue analysis as patient age.


Orthodontics is a facial, skeletal, and dental specialty. And none of these specialties can be independent of each other when it comes to orthodontic treatment. They are all interrelated. Orthodontists are responsible for the facial harmony of the face of the patient. 

Dr. Luis Carrière will show you how correcting Class II or Class III malocclusion at the beginning stage of treatment, when patient compliance levels are at their highest, provides unique efficiencies and results in minimal extractions. Harmonious forces are created with the use of the Carriere® Motion™ Appliance and the new Carriere® SLX™ Bracket Systems together, allowing clinicians to achieve both occlusal and soft tissue results, which ensure long-term stability and optimal aesthetics. This new unique and innovative treatment approach ensures that the orthodontist addresses total facial harmony of the patient’s face.

The Carriere Motion Appliance is a sagittal appliance that corrects predictably Class II and Class III cases using a minimally invasive approach in non-extraction orthodontics. 

Aspects as principles developed by nature for optimization of material and force with elegance of forms will be studied as well as the reduction of a design to an extreme for maximum function optimization. The result is a nature-objectified design in the morphology of new innovative devices such as the Motion and the Carriere self-ligating bracket. 


Dr. Carrière’s lecture will cover the rationale of the appliances used, their respective functions, and protocols. He will also discuss how he resolves orthodontic space problems related to friction created, as well as clinical considerations of new technology wires in the achievement of biologic friendly action. 

The objective is to present a predictable and simple orthodontic treatment method. The key is to achieve, at the very first step of treatment, a Class One Platform of the posterior segments from molar to canine by translating them as a block into Class I Platform relation. From this point on, the treatment can be continued from the achieved Class I using a low force passive self-ligation fixed protocol. 


The newly designed Carriere SLX Self-Ligating Bracket System establishes a new standard in excellence and performance in a passive self-ligating bracket. Many of the newly designed features were clinicians driven to provide orthodontists with clinical effectiveness and efficiency. During Dr. Carrière’s lecture, you will discover many of the innovative features of the Carriere SLX Bracket System, all designed to meet clinician’s ultimate goals for effective case management, optimal tooth positioning, and meticulous case finishes.


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